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    The history of Bygdegården by Åke Jansson

    To describe the history of Nöttja Bygdegård is almost like telling you a little about the temperance movement in Sweden. The first local association in Sweden was ”Logen Klippan”, founded in Gothenburg in 1879. The movement quickly grew all over the country but was split into several national organizations. Two of these were the ”Templarorden” (TO) and the ”Nationalgodtemplarorden” (NTO).
    Biggest of them all,however, was IOGT with most of its activities in towns and bigger villages while NTO operated in the countryside. For NTO the folk high-school ”Wendelberg” was of great importance. In our part of the countryside, Sunnerbo, many temperance movements had come and gone when ”Logen 2422 Vårvind” was formed in 1925.

    The initiative was taken by the long departed ”Logen Trohet” in Torpa at a meeting in the old cottage of GustavJohansson in Bölminge. In its first years the meetings of the lodge were held at the cottage ”Oxborg”. But the number of members grew and the cottage became too small. It was also common knowledge that many of the earlier temperance lodges had had to close down because they had lacked a lodge room.

    For a couple of years the question of a lodge room was first priority. Without resources the lodge started building a house in 1928 with Gustav Persson as responsible builder. The site, situated along the village road, was donated by Albert Karlsson, Södergård. Many helped in different ways, but of course there were also opponents. Only those who have themselves participated in such a process will fully understand what was required of the young and enthusiastic members.

    It seems however that they had sufficient support among the elders. Almost no changes has been made to the ”Bygdegård” since 1928, an extension of the entrance hall is one of the few There was always a small apartment at the northeast side of the house. For many, many years Folke Persson, a tailor, lived there. He took upon himself to look after the house and the lodge, without any pay whatsoever, perhaps not even a sign of gratitude.

    Another person who meant a lot for the lodge and took upon him all repair and maintenance work was Erik Bengtsson, Bölminge. He was a member from the start, although a very one one.

    The assembly room was made with a high ceiling and no cross-beams to make it as large and airy as possible. After a few years the uppers walls started to yield outwards. The problem was taken carre of by Erik Bengtsson and during almost all his life he continued to make the repair and maintenance work.

    The peak of the activities of the lodge ”Vårvind” was in the beginning of the forties. Already at the oubreak of World War II woodmen baracks were built everywhere in our countryside. They became the homes of Swedes as well as Finnish people and Norwegians. Whatever activity in the ”Bygdegård” at that time, it was crammed with people. Amateur theatres often performed and the song evenings of the Salvation Army were much appreciated. The cultural exchange with neighbouring lodges was as frequent as the scarce fuel rations permitted.

    Åke Jansson  









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